Fried Olives Locanda is my go-to restaurant in the Mission. It was the Jewish artichoke that put it on the map, but I haven’t ordered it since my first visit. From the owners of Delfina and Farina, Locanda focuses on the dishes found in Rome. I have so many favorites there, but I always order the Fried Castelvetrano Olives. It’s […]

Weekly Eats: Hot Pot at Nabe

During the cold winter months, or heck, all months in San Francisco, nothing beats a hot pot of broth, meat and veggies to keep out the chill. I’d been to a couple shabu shabu places but was not that impressed. The broth, and the meat cooked in it, lacked flavor. Not true at Nabe! Nabe just opened a couple months […]

Weekly Eats: Dim Sum

I admit it…I’m not a fan of brunch. I know that in San Francisco and New York City, saying “I’m not a fan of brunch” is foodie-suicide, but I’d much rather eat a hearty dinner than the most delicious bacon and eggs. I’ve concluded that the reason I don’t love brunch is because it’s not my comfort food because I […]

Nikumaki Onigiri at Izakaya Roku by Gary Stevens At some point last year I gathered about ten of my coworkers and walked to the JapaCurry truck, only to walk ten very disappointed and hungry coworkers back to the office because the line for the truck stretched down the block. Luckily, back in October, the fine folks of the JapaCurry truck […]

Weekly Eats: Chicken Wings at Hog & Rocks

It’s playoff season and the 49ers are looking pretty good. Come Saturday night, a good number of San Franciscans will be glued to their TVs or holed up in a sports bar with a beer and trash-talking those Packer fans. Growing up a Niners fan in the late ’90s means that I hold only the deepest contempt and a lot […]