Weekly Eats: Chicken Wings at Hog & Rocks

It’s playoff season and the 49ers are looking pretty good. Come Saturday night, a good number of San Franciscans will be glued to their TVs or holed up in a sports bar with a beer and trash-talking those Packer fans. Growing up a Niners fan in the late ’90s means that I hold only the deepest contempt and a lot of four-letter words for the team that spoiled our chances at the Superbowl so many times. If you’re a Packer fan, stop reading…if you’re not rooting for the home team, you don’t deserve to eat our food.

For the rest of us, the die-hard Niner fan or even the fair-weather fan, where do we watch all this go down? Certainly not my living room with its lack of TV and space. I want to celebrate each touchdown by diving into something delicious and I want to drown my sorrows in great drinks.

The solution: Hog & Rocks. It’s classy and pubby at the same time. I first went there for the oysters and the charcuterie being a ginormous fan of both, but I’m coming back for the spicy chicken wings and the drinks (and more oysters, and more charcuterie, but you get the picture). If you forget everything you read here, remember this: “The chicken wings burn soooo goooood.”

Hog & Rocks will be anticipating a larger crowd than usual and reserving more space for the bar. I confirmed that they’ll be playing the game (although sound is not yet confirmed) so show up early and grab a spot…and some wings.

Hog & Rocks (website), 3431 19th Street, San Francisco, CA 94110, 415.550.8627


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