Weekly Eats: Hot Pot at Nabe

During the cold winter months, or heck, all months in San Francisco, nothing beats a hot pot of broth, meat and veggies to keep out the chill. I’d been to a couple shabu shabu places but was not that impressed. The broth, and the meat cooked in it, lacked flavor. Not true at Nabe!

Kamonanban and Seafood Hot Pots

Nabe just opened a couple months ago in the Inner Sunset. On a recent Friday night, my sis and I took our parents there. We had the Kamonanban (Duck breast, Tokyo negi with Dashi broth), Seafood Yosenabe (Shrimp, scallops, Asari clams with Dashi broth), Sukiyaki (Washugyu beef with Warishita broth), and Kimchi and kurobotu pork belly. My favorites were the Kamonanban and the Sukiyaki, but my dad couldn’t get enough of the Kimchi. I thought the meat was excellent with a melt-in-your-mouth consistency, so I was surprised when owner Hilwin Wong told me that they were going to further upgrade the meat. A great excuse to go back…

Kimchee and Sukiyaki Hot Pots

After eating all that, plus some sake, gyoza and edamame, we were stuffed. But then Hilwin came out to our table and mixed rice into our broth and cooked it until just the right consistency. We then finished the meal with the rice soup…so comforting and now stuffed beyond belief!

Washugyu Beef

Great service, very nice decor, and the best hot pot I’ve had!

Kurobuta Pork Belly


Nabe (website), 1325 9th Ave., San Francisco, Ca 94122, 415.731.2658

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